Thursday, July 30, 2009

A is for Apple

I've started compiling crafts and activities for the theme days this school year and am posting them here so all the fun ideas are in one place. Obviously I'll only be using a few of these for the actual class, but I thought parents might like some options to reinforce the letter theme. I was totally inspired by the ABC themed pages at The Crafty Crow. There are so many great ideas out there, I love the internet!

Just click on the picture to be taken to the site with instructions:

Fingerprint Apple Tree

Clothespin Aligator

Egg Carton Ant

Johnny Appleseed Hidden Pictures

Acorn Family

Apple Printing

Acorn Donut Holes

Apple Magnet

Astronaut Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Paper Airplanes

Apple Lacing Card
(but use brown yarn with a green pipe cleaner "worm" needle)

Applesauce Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

Seasons of the Apple Tree Printable

Aligator A


Apple Seed Tamborine


Ants in a Nest Counting Activity

A is for Ants

Apple Basket Beanbag Toss

Antenna Headbands


Stand Up Apple Tree

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lesson Plans!

I have put together a tentative lesson plan, what do you think?

Preschool Lesson Plan Large Text

By the way, please, please, Please, PLEASE take my polls here on the left by clicking the circles next to your choices. Even if you aren't enrolling a child in my preschool, I just would like some opinions! I'm thinking about awarding a prize if you take the polls and then comment here telling me you've done so . . .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starting Up!

Because my little buddy's birthday is September 1st, he won't start kindergarten for three more years. I think he would love and benefit from going to preschool, but can't see sending him for that long! To remedy this, I've decided to start my own preschool for the younger crowd. I'm thinking it will just be one day a week and would like to price it so that it covers my materials & effort but is affordable and reflects the fact that I'm just starting out. Even if moms just wanted a few hours a week to get some errands done, their little one could be learning and having fun while mom was busy!

I would love it if you would peruse the polls I have going and let me know what you think would work the best for my new venture!

If you or someone you know is interested, just leave a message in the comments and I will contact you.