Thursday, April 15, 2010

U is for Unicorn

Not too many words that preschoolers use that start with the letter U, but I think I've found some pretty awesome crafts! Pictures are linked.

unique unicorn mask
"April showers bring May flowers" umbrella craft
The Ugly Duckling story props
make some montessori dressing frames and teach how to unzip, unbutton, unlatch, unlace, etc.
UFO and alien craft
utensil placement placemat
unicorn cupcakes
umbrella and rain drop counting game
kitchen utensil puppets
The Ugly Duckling (Disney version) on YouTube
USA map coloring page
"under" activities
unicorn pencil topper
pineapple upside down cake
design some underwear!
cupcake wrapper umbrellas
uniform coloring page
under the sea U
unicorn shoe toss
umbrella cookies
ugly duckling story sequencing
unity handprint wreath
(cute, non-English speaking boy performing "I'm Yours")
umbrella shape match file folder game
Utah coloring page
up, up and away file folder game
umbrella mobile

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

M is for Mother and Mask

There were so many great ideas for the letter M! Click the pictures for information on the following crafts.

make bath salts for mother
five little monkeys sitting in a tree finger puppets
many musical instruments to make Mother's Day cookie bouquet
magnet experiment sheet
monkeys jumping on the bed puppets
magical paper bag mushrooms
mitten file folder game
marvelous magic tricks
photo magnet for mom
map coloring page
handprint moose
measuring activity
marshmallow art
M&M rainbow cards
thumb-body loves you heart bouquet for mom
paint with magnets and metal
magnetic build-a-truck shapes
mail carrier hat
marble painting
make freezer jam for Mother's Day gift
mouse maze
magnetic marble run
Mardi Gras masks
marshmallow snowmen
masking tape maze
all about me body tracing
banana mermaid snack
messy monster craftmonkeys on the bed coloring page
Mexican metal tooling
activities for The Mitten by Jan Brett
monkey mask
monsters on a stick snack
family marble magnets
measuring with mouse
moon and stars mobile
more magic tricks

moose craft

snail mail file folder game
mosaic tile sun catcher
mosquito mask
child dictated Mother's Day cookbook
muffin math
mud cupcakes
music note math
paper mache mask
play money coins
marshmallow painting
"this is me" journal
secret message decoder cookies