Tuesday, April 6, 2010

S is for Seeds

Craft and activity ideas for the letter S. Click on the picture to get more information.

seed sprouting glove
beaded spider web
spring no-snow globe
straw sculpture
story stones and sidewalk scenes
slithering snake suckers
smiley stamps
sun prints
sock puppet chicks
defrosty the snowman
sweet edible slime
seed number match and sorting games
spider snack
soda bottle flower prints
spring scavenger hunt
giant sunflower
glittery snowflake window clings
gray squirrel
pretend s'mores
springtime letter match cards
paper plate sun
sand castle summer vacation scrapbook
shape block patterns
portable soccer game
sand dough
science activity-sink or float
seashell mirror
spring things coloring page
seven slinky, spinning, swinging spiders
seahorse S
shadow puppet theater
smoothie recipe
sparkling sun catcher
snail sandwiches
snowflake sun catcher
space shuttle paper airplane
sparkly starfish
split pea shamrock scatter
make pretend snow
spoon puppets
season clothing match cards
spring felt vase
spring spinning pinwheels
squishy bag activity
story blocks
strawberry mice
sunset painting
craft stick snowmen
sun catcher
beginning stitching
spiral snake craft
seed starter greenhouse
simple stars

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