Monday, August 3, 2009

D is for Dinosaur

Here are some fun ideas for "D" week, click on the picture to go to the site with information:

Clothespin Stegosaurus

Cupcake Liner Daffodil

Coffee Ground Fossils

Doily Print Dragonfly

Glue Resist Dinosaurs

Doctor Bags

Playdough Dinosaur Island

Delectable Dominos

Dino Dot-to-Dot

Duck D

Doggie Memory Game

Dinosaur Puppet
(below the paper plate dinos on that page)


Dog Tags

Dinosaur Silhouettes

Discovery Bottles

Dino-Size File Folder Game


Dirt Cup Desserts

Pringle Can Dog Bank

Dr. Seuss Door Hanger


Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur

Days of the Week Song

The Dice Maker


Dinosaur Casts

Paper Plate Duck

Paper Dolls

Bead Lacing Dragon

Dinosaur Eggs

Dot (Bingo) Marker Dalmation
(scroll 2/3 way down that page)

Paper Plate Dinosaurs (2 styles)

Paper Plate Donkey

Rubber Ducky Math

Stand Up Dogs
(find it under dog banks)

Dig for Dino Bones
(scroll down on that page to find)

Clay Donuts


Homemade Ugly Doll

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  1. your preschool looks like it will be so much fun!!! hope you have a good year! do you have info yet on when/where you will be hosting your preschool? My daughter turns 2 this fall and although I don't think I will put her in school this year it would be great to get some ideas for next year.
    cute site, by the way!