Tuesday, August 18, 2009

W is for Weather

I changed the looks of these lists a bit to make things easier for me to format. You can now click on the photo or the name of the site the idea's from to go to their web page. Have fun with these crafts and treats that start with W!

weather windsock

weather vane
from Family Fun

from Homeschool Creations

kid made wind chime
from The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

wind puppet
from DLTK

watermelon pops
from Kraft Foods

weather wheel
from Kidz Club

magic wand
from Miss Mary's Preschool Ideas

paper weaving
from Holiday Kids Crafts

rain or shine weather mobile
from Preschool Rock

stained glass window
from Kiddley

watermelon file folder game
from Preschool Printables

wolf desk organizer
from San Diego Zoo

winter W

stuffed whale
from DLTK

weather worksheet
from TSL Books

(about halfway down page)

from Toddler Craft

from DLTK

wind (blow) painting

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