Wednesday, September 2, 2009

B is for Boat

More goodies (a.k.a. letter themed crafts)! Click the pic or the origin site for info.
egg carton boats

bagel bird feeder
from Family Crafts

plastic bag butterfly
from Rainbow Star Books

banana boats
from Camp Wisconsin

bug catcher necklace
from WhiMSy love

bean bag toss game
from Chica and Jo

bear mask
from Billy Bear 4 Kids

bumble bee
from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

bird binoculars
from create-kids-crafts

bubble wrap prints
from first pallette

bat wreath
from DLTK

homemade butter
from Crunchy Chicken Cooks

bird racers
from Ordinary Life Magic

bookworm bookmark
bread dough ornaments

boat in a bottle
from Creative Crafts

beautiful bubble wands
from Frugal Family Fun

bear pencil toppers
from Pacon

handprint bats
from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

butterfly net
from ...imagine childhood

baking bread
from Montessori for Everyone

milk carton Columbus boat
from DLTK

cardboard boomerang
from Family Fun

coffee filter butterflies
from Kaboose

foam beads
from Making Friends

hot air balloon
from toddler craft

juice box boat
from inchmark

BBQ coloring page
from Print Activities

letter bean matching
from Dresses 'n Messes

bubble painting
from KidGlue Crafts

origami boats
from wikiHow

brown bag bird
from Crafts 'n Activities for Kids

playing bakery
from Kiddley

ball birds
from se7en

Brown Bear, Brown Bear felt board characters

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