Wednesday, January 20, 2010

F is for Flag

Because of technical difficulties (I dropped my camera on the tile floor during preschool) and the business of the holidays, I haven't posted in quite a while! Getting back into the swing of things and now I want to post all the cute pics I have of the kids.

November 10th the theme was F is for Flag (in honor of Veteran's Day). We started out by coloring fruit,
to put in felt conucopias.

We then fingerpainted flags.

On the top they say, "For those who Fought and those who continue to Fight For our Freedom: A Fingerpainted Flag and a promise to never Forget." I have the pdf available here for download, if anyone's interested. They came out so cute!

They colored visuals to go with the story of the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, found here.

For snack, we made fruit pizzas!

Just a sugar cookie, cream cheese frosting, and fruit in any pattern they felt like. I think this is my favorite snack!

I read the Rainbow Fish book and then they added fish scales (price dot stickers and a few sparkly circles cut from rainbow prizm sticker paper) to this template.

And lastly, fun turkey finger puppets with feathers.

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