Friday, February 5, 2010

T is for Turkey

On November 17th we talked about the letter T! We started off by making thankful turkeys out of toilet paper tubes.

I had them come up with one thing they were thankful for to write on a tail feather and they each said "friends". I let them fill out the other feathers at home.

We then decorated little teepees after studying some Native American hieroglyphics. The kids did some great designs of their own!

For snack, we made turkeys out of Oreos, mini peanut butter cups, candy corn & Whoppers.

We had some problems with the cookie halves coming apart, but the kids sure loved them!

We mosaic tiled some paper plates to make turtles,

but the kids tired of it quickly and they didn't end up with very covered shells :)

Our snack took a little too much time, so just Christian & Sierra were left to do the last craft which was a giant toothbrush. It took some major cutting skill to make the bristles!

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