Saturday, February 27, 2010

G is for Groundhog

On February 2nd we learned about the letter G. We started off with an opening ceremony for our Games by parading our Olympic torches around.

The first event was a sled pull which I unfortunately didn't get pictures of. Actually, a video would have been hilarious :)

Next, we did a (pompom) snowball toss.

Then we did some hula hoop hopping.

And finally, a game of hot and cold to find the glove.

After that, we started our groundhog craft by cutting grass to be the ground element.

We were pretty hungry by that point, so we ate our snack of Golden Graham Groundhog Mound Globs (Indoor S'mores).

The kids then colored the Groundhogs (which I found here) and we assembled the craft so they could pop up out of the ground to find out if they see their shadow.

I told the story of the Three Billygoats Gruff. The kids colored this picture of the goats and drew their own troll. Here is the pdf of the Billygoat coloring page.

I loved Kynan's troll!
Next, we got gross by sticking our hands in potting soil and getting it in our cups.

We planted grass seeds so we could grow some grass.

Just before they had to go home, we had our medals ceremony and all the kids won gold! Well, chocolate gold coin medals, anyway :)

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