Thursday, February 25, 2010

Q is for Quilt and I is for Igloo

January 12th I combined Q and I weeks because the elementary kids were out of school for a teacher workday on the 19th and we took off too. We started by painting puffy paint snowmen with Q-tips.

The kids had a lot of fun and ended up with snowmen that looked a bit more like blizzards with a carrot and pieces of coal swirling in them! They were really great!!

Here was my example--comparatively a little boring :)

Next, we worked on paper quilts.
We used our Q-tips again to spread the glue.

For snack, we switched to the letter I and made igloos out of marshmallows, frosting and ice cream cones.

We read the books Guess How Much I Love You and I Love You Stinkyface. And because it was just the cousins who made it to preschool that day, we had extra free time with lots of dressing up!

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