Saturday, February 6, 2010

C is for Christmas Countdown Calendar

On December 1st we learned about the letter C and started doing Christmas crafts! Unfortunately, this was during the time I was camera-less, so I just have an image of the advent star I created and a few photos found on the web. Our first project was this countdown calendar. I had the kids glue twenty-four strips of paper to make a chain and attach them to this star.
The poem reads, "December first till Christmas is the longest time of year. Seems as though old Santa Claus never will appear! How many days to Christmas? It's hard to keep a count, so this little paper chan will tell you the amount. Tear a link off every day, I promise, it's not far! Christmas day will be here when you reach the star."

We read Christmas books and ate Christmas cookies for a snack. We colored with crayons and stuck candy canes in the shape of a heart to make Christmas cards.

We made little pompom "cranberry" wreath Christmas ornaments (they didn't turn out this cute or fuzzy looking, though).
Not too fun of a post without all the pictures of the kids!

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