Friday, February 26, 2010

O is for Ocean

On January 26th we learned about the letter O. We started out making O shapes with our bodies.

Then I had the kids practice cutting with scissors to make the legs of an octopus.

After the legs were cut, we stuck O stickers (hole reinforcements) on the eyes, then turned them over and stuck them on the legs for suction cups!

I rolled and stapled them, then had the kids curl the tentacles around a pencil. They turned out so cute! Here is the jpg file if you would like to print this project.

Oh, my! Another great crazy pose for Christian!

We then worked on ocean scenes. They glued on sandpaper sand,

cutouts of jellyfish, sharks, and starfish, pipe cleaner seaweed, and goldfish crackers.

For snack, we spread orange marmalade flavored frosting on oatmeal cookies. Delish!
We read the book Olivia Helps With Christmas because I couldn't find our copy of Olivia or my favorite, Olivia...And the Missing Toy.

We then used cups to stamp the Olympic rings on our paper flags,
and colored "fire" for our Olympic torches. We'll use these the next week for our Olympic games when we're studying the letter G.

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