Tuesday, May 11, 2010

E is for Earth

On April 20th we learned about letter E. We started out by playing this exercise game.
Exercise Game

I spread these squares out on the floor and had the child throw a beanbag to find out what exercise to do. They then spun a spinner (I used the one from Chutes and Ladders) to see how many reps were required! Kynan got jumping.

I think Christian got stretching. The kids loved this game!

For out first craft, I gave them each an old CD and a push pin and had them scratch, or etch a design into it.

After adding recycled cereal box ears and some google eyes, they could put their finger through the middle to be the trunk of the elephant.

We read the Little Critter book "It's Earth Day!" and talked about ways we can help the earth. I told them that when we use less electricity that it conserves energy and is good for the earth. We colored these mini posters that can be put by a light switch to help us remember.
For snack we molded Rice Crispy Earths out of green and blue treats.

I had them sharpen crayons over waxed paper and then ironed a second sheet to the top for these Earth suncatchers.

We also made flowers out of recycled egg cartons.

This is a counting game where you "feed" the elephants peanuts.

At the end of class, we had an earth-friendly recycling activity. The "recycling truck" was full of colored legos that had to be sorted into the matching color cup.

Lots of recycled materials were used (as usual around here) and we learned a little about being good to our Earth!

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