Wednesday, May 12, 2010

N is for Nest

On April 27th we learned about the letter N. We started our day by going on a nature walk and collecting nature in our bags that we could use for our nests. Even though it was super windy, the kids didn't want to come in they were having so much fun!

Finally back inside after nearly being blown away, we glued our items from nature onto our rolled down sacks to make nests.

For a little added nonsense, we made neat footprint birds to go in them :)

We read lots of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and even practiced reciting a few.
For snack, we strung nifty cereal necklaces. We used Froot Loops and Chocolate Cheerios. Maybe you can see the lines of cereal on the table that I used to work on patterning with them.

I got a little needlessly perfect with mine :D
Next, we made noisemakers. We took so long on our nature walk and nests that Porter and Breck had left at noon, but we sent the supplies with them! I already had the noodles strung and tied on a loop of string, and Christian loved threading one end of the loop through the holes and putting the noodle through to attach it.

We decorated them with stickers and then made some noise!

I had them roll long triangles of newspaper (we used the comics) onto a pencil, starting with the wide end, and glue the point down with a glue stick. They then pulled the newspaper bead off of the pencil and strung it on a necklace.


Lastly, I had them practice writing numbers (or more correctly, writing numerals) on a worksheet I'd made. Sierra did a great job and Christian decided to just draw a picture on the back {sigh}.

I'm pretty proud of the worksheet, all the numbered items start with N!

n numbers

abc button

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  1. Those nests made out of found nature materials are awesome. The footprint birdies really make them complete.