Monday, May 10, 2010

S is for Seeds

On April 13th we learned about the letter S. Here are the kids yelling, "Surprise!"

They made spiral snake mobiles and we talked about how the letter S makes the sound of a snake, sssss.

Still trying to use up our pumpkin pie playdough, I had them roll spheres out of the squishy, smelly (in a good way!) stuff. I then had them stick chenille stems in for legs of a spider, using at least one silver sparkly one and the rest the color of their choosing.

Next, I had them spin a spiderweb of yarn around colored craft sticks that I'd hot glued in advance. Here is Miss Joy's perfect one.
The kids' webs looked really great, too and they were so proud! Here are their superb finished spiders and spiderwebs.

For snack we made snail sandwiches. You start by squishing a slice of bread with a rolling pin. The kids loved using my heavy marble one!
Second, spread it with strawberry jam (I got the wrong one out of the freezer so we used raspberry-peach :).

Then simply roll it up and stick in pretzels for the antennae. They look so cute with their swirled shells! The kids loved these and each ate two or more. They were a delicious, albeit STICKY snack!

Our next project was smiley face styrofoam stamps. I just cut circles out of a styrofoam food tray and had the kids use a ballpoint pen to draw a smiling picture of themselves. We then colored the stamp with a marker and had them stamp it.

Look at my cute class!

We planted seeds at the end of class. First we put in the soil,

then sowed the seeds.

Sierra was the only child I could interest in size sorting the snowmen, she did such a super job!

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  1. Great ideas! Love the edible snail! =)

  2. What bunch of fun ideas, I had never seen the smiley face stamps before. Bet the kids had a blast with that!