Tuesday, October 27, 2009

B is for Boat

On October 6th we learned about the letter B. We talked about Columbus and how he sailed to America on a boat. We made our own little boats by first rolling a ball of playdough, then pressing it into an egg carton cup and adding sails.

At free play, we played with blocks.
We sorted beads by color.
We made butterflies out of a ziplock bag and filled it with lots of things that started with B: beads, bows, buttons, butterfly glitter shapes, a (pompom) ball, and pieces of blue paper that they ripped. We topped them off with sparkly blue antenae. They turned out so great!
Next we had our snack of banana bread and milk.
We made bird racers out of plastic cups so we could race them at the end of class.
We got started on our Halloween decorating with these bat wreaths.

Then we raced our birds. They didn't go very fast, which was kind of dissapointing! The yarn was fuzzy and slowed them down. Next time I'll use a smoother string and something like beads for them to fly on instead of pieces of straw. Oh well, it was still fun to try!

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