Friday, October 30, 2009

G is for Ghost

On October 20th we learned about the letter G. We practiced with scissors cutting crepe paper streamers for the ghosts.
A big hit was the gumdrop geometric shape making activity.
But warning--be careful with toothpicks! Sierra ate the gumdrops off her creation when she got home and misplaced a toothpick in the carpet. As she was jumping around, the thing impaled her foot and broke off. It was so deep that she had to get it removed by the doctor!
They fingerprinted the spots on their jointed giraffes.

We had granola bars for snack and made glitter bottles which I didn't get a good picture of. We read "Inside a House that is Haunted" because one of the creatures in the story is a ghost. It is so cute! It is a rebus read-along book and the kids loved shouting out what the little pictures were. At the end of class we made kleenex ghost suckers and counted out some gummy bears.

We didn't get around to doing some math excercises with these lima bean ghosts, but the kids had fun playing with them for a bit.

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