Saturday, October 31, 2009

P is for Pumpkin

On the 27th we learned about the letter P. We also got a surprise outside, a snowstorm during preschool! We started off playing with pumkin pie playdough. It was hard getting them to put it away and move on to our next activity!
Next, we printed some pumpkins with potatoes and paint to make placemats.

While those dried, we pressed out some pizza dough,

put on the sauce,

and placed the cheese and pepperoni to make them look like pumpkins!

As they baked and cooled, the kids beaded pipe cleaner pumpkins.

For a poem, we did the five little pumpkins fingerplay. Then it was time for snack and the kids loved how these turned out!

We read LOTS of pumpkin and Halloween books and then made paper bag puppy puppets,

and adorable paper plate pandas.

The kids then drew faces on their pumpkins and I laminated them in my handy pouch laminator. Next time I think I'll add some green vines to them, but they still turned out cute.

So many pumpkin themed activities, and we had a blast! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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