Saturday, October 3, 2009

A is for Apple

We had a lot of fun for A week. First, we did the following finger play:

Way up in the apple tree
(place hands above you with fingers spread out to make the tree)
Two red apples smiled down at me.
(show two fingers and smile)
I shook that tree as hard as I could;
(pretend to shake a tree)
Down came the apples
(make falling motion with hands)
Mmmmm, they were good!
(rub stomach in a circle)

Next, we apple printed some paper plates and then filled them with apple seeds to make tamborines.

We made little apple pies and crimped the edges with a fork.

We counted raisin "ants" and put them in the muffin tin cup "nests" with the appropriate number in it.
By then, our pies were cooked and cooled. While eating our apple pie snack, I asked the kids questions to fill out their "All About Me" pages.

I had one child be an "apple" by standing with legs slightly apart and the other was a "worm" who crawled through. We sang this song to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow":
The worm went through the apple, the worm went through the apple,
The worm went through the apple, to see what he could see.
And all that he could see,
And all that he could see,
Was the other side of the apple, the other side of the apple,
The other side of the a-a-pple, was all that he could see.
Then they helped a worm go through the apple by sewing apple lacing cards with a fuzzy "worm" needle. These were a big hit!

We then talked about how letter A looked, made alligator A's, and got silly with them!

The kids were great at figuring out these cut in half apple shape puzzles.

And at the end of class we had a paper airplane contest!

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