Monday, March 22, 2010

J is for Joke

Here are some ideas for the letter J, just click on the picture to go where there's more information!

jokes for kids

jelly bean bunny

paper plate jellyfish

jar animals

Jack and Jill puppets

milk jug Easter Bunny basket

jellybean jewelry
jack-in-the-box craft

Japanese cherry blossom tree

jewelled frame

clay pot Jesus craft

jelly bean chicks

Jack Be Nimble candlestick

jelly bean graphing

jester hat

Easter s'mores in a jar

Jack and the Beanstalk maze

jewelled Easter eggs

jigsaw puzzle piece frame

jelly bean mosaics

amazing juggler on YouTube

juice bottle bug catcher

jelly bean painting

egg carton jellyfish

Jello Jigglers

colorful jokes

Easter egg bead jewelry

jelly roll

Jack and Jill sequencing cards

I did "J is for Joke" because April Fools' Day is coming up, but I wanted to use next week for more Easter crafts. First, here is a cute poem that I found:

April Fools' Day

Mackenzie put a whoopie cushion
on the teacher's chair.
Makayla told the teacher
that a bug was in her hair.
Alyssa brought an apple
with a purple gummy worm
and gave it to the teacher
just to see if she would squirm.

Elijah left a piece of plastic
dog doo on the floor,
and Vincent put some plastic vomit
in the teacher's drawer.

Amanda put a goldfish
in the teacher's drinking glass.
These April Fools' Day pranks
are ones that you could use in class.

Before you go and try them, though,
there's something I should mention:
The teacher wasn't fooling
when she put us in detention.

. . . . . . . --Kenn Nesbitt

Here are some jokes and pranks for April Fools':

irretrievable Easter egg

too small shoes

balloon swarm

amazing returning can

water ring

spilled hot chocolate joke

You could also try some of these fun recipes that aren't what they appear to be!

cashew chicken stir fry

fauxberry pie

spaghetti and meatballs

jellybean corn on the cob cupcakes

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