Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Z is for Zoo

February 23rd we tackled the letter Z. I had them color a page of zoo animals (download here),

and then glue some "bars" on the front to make a cage for their zoo.

I then had them paint some stripes on a zebra (get this one here).

I told them they could make lines,

or zigzags!

We had zuchini bread for a snack that the kids helped make. It was a huge hit and I couldn't believe they kept asking for more and more!
I had the kids lie down on the floor with a pillow and told them to look like they were sleeping, but they could be silly about it. I let them have free play while I printed out the pictures. Unfortunately, my printer had broken just that morning so I had my sister bring hers--we couldn't get that one to work either! The kids got to have extra play time that day instead of doing this craft, but the next week we finished it up. Here is the coloring page,

and here are the finished projects. I had them color a bit, glue on the picture and then glue the blanket just at the bottom so it could be pulled down to see the rest of the picture.

Funny side note, when I told Christian that morning that we were doing a project called "Catching some Z's" he replied, "Who will be throwing them?" :D

I gave the kids a zuchini seed (actually yellow squash was the closest I could find in my seed stash) in a zippered ziploc bag so they could see the roots when it sprouted. I didn't hear how the other kids' seeds did, but ours didn't do anything! We got zip, I guess it was appropriate :)

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