Wednesday, March 10, 2010

L is for Lion and Lamb

March 2nd, L day, was a beautiful day and we went outside to look for rocks that we could paint like ladybugs. (Well, after we finished our "catching some zzzz's" craft that was from the week before.) We mainly found the rounded rocks for our craft at the edge of our yard (thank you Joy for digging around!) but then we went to the rock pile behind our house where neighbors like to four-wheel. It has more jaggedy rocks, but it was fun to climb!

Even our dog, Crumpet, enjoyed herself.

We painted them red,

then added spots with a q-tip. Great ladybugs! I forgot to get a picture of all the kids' cute work, but here are mine, my sister Joy's (who helps out a ton), and Christian's.

We then made the cutest note holders by looping lovely yarn on some cardboard circles, then adding heads and eyes. They had a lamb on one side,

and a lion on the other! (I had the kids do the simple google eye faces and then had fun later jazzing mine up.)

I let the kids form their own lollypop cookies and they were delicious! Find the recipe here.

Because of all of our outside play, we were running late, so we didn't get to this craft until after Breck left :( We made leprechaun masks with loopy locks of orange for beards!

Here's me,


and the kids! I love that Christian did his entirely by himself, but Sierra did her own hat and then lost interest.

We also laced these lucky three leaf clover lacing cards.

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