Tuesday, March 30, 2010

J is for Joke

We started off on March 23rd by making jewelled jellyfish. The kids glued grocery sack squares to paper plate halves and did a great job cutting the tentacles. After drawing on faces, they got some purple jewels to stick on!

Next, they used their fingerprints to add buds to Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. I even dusted them with glitter while the paint was wet to make them extra special.

For snack we had Jello Jigglers and juice. (This is the first time I'd made these and, for the record, I think raspberry Jello Knox Blox are way better than strawberry Jello Jigglers!)

It was a little tough getting everything to stick on to our jelly bean chicks, but they turned out cute!

We did some picture sequencing with the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill" and then we learned "Jack be Nimble" and made our own candlesticks to jump over!

Check out their great jumping:

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